About Moi

I am a middle-aged single man and no I am not gay. I’ve met with that incorrect assumption many times in my life. I kind of see where some people get that idea from – middle-aged, single, loves cats, humour can be quite camp and peppered with innuendo. If anyone is unsure about the context of innuendo and would like an example, just contact me and I’ll give you one. I sometimes wear pink shirts as well and that seems to send people over the edge. Truth is, I think I must be missing a gene or two; the genes that might give me the urge to share my space with someone who will ultimately annoy me. I’m definitely missing the gene which makes me want to breed and spend my life smelling of nappies, disappointment and frustration.

I grew up in Exeter and I am proud to call myself a Devonian. Despite recent attempts by the local authorities to turn my home town in to a cross between a university campus and one vast building site, I still like Exeter as a place to live. Put it this way, it’s better than Bedford, where I lived and worked for 4 years. Bedford is like Hell but with better shopping facilities.

Since graduating from University of Hertfordshire (or Hatfield Poly as it was known then) in 1986, I have worked in a variety of IT roles. These have included Technical Support, IT Sales, Service and Systems Administration, to name a few. In short, I am a Jack-of-all-IT-trades and master of none. I am the guy for whom there is never a job description advertised but any firm with an IT infrastructure seems to need. Because I work in IT, it is often wrongly assumed that I know all there is to know about any kind of gadget with an LED on it. I don’t – but I’m pretty good at research and applying that to the problem in hand.

I’ll be honest with you, these days I realise that I have developed a general dislike of people. Given the choice, I would rather spend my time with dogs and cats. I spend a few hours each Saturday afternoon volunteering at a local cat shelter and it is one of the few things that help to keep me sane(ish). Having served so many years in Support roles, I have had the pleasure of meeting all manner of folk from annoying smart arses to people with the intellect of plastic cutlery. If you couple that with a world in which someone can become a super-rich ‘celebrity’ purely by having a fat arse….well you can see my point.

I have suffered with various flavours of depression and anxiety for most of my life. There was a time when I wouldn’t have made that statement in such a public place as this. Thankfully times are changing and so am I – I used to care but now I don’t give a f……….

About this blog

My aim for this blog is to create a place where I can vent whatever is rattling around in my head, minus the need to deal with Internet trolls, weirdos and thick people. That’s why I’m not allowing comments on it. However you are free to send me a link to remarks on your own blog if you get the hump about something or use the email address I’ve provided in Contact.

I’ll be posting reviews of companies and services I’ve used along with general musings & rants on the ridiculous nature of modern life. I’ve written such things in emails, letters and on Facebook before and people generally seem to enjoy them so you have them to blame. I will also be posting a few things on anxiety & depression at some point. My hope is that maybe someone out there might think “Jesus! I often feel like that too!” and they won’t feel quite so alone.

There might be bad language along the way, there will almost certainly be spelling goofs and I already know that my vocabulary is limited and punctuation dreadful – thank you in advance for pointing this out to me. If I say something which causes offence – get over it.

Finally – no, I don’t know why your laptop is running so slowly and I have no idea what that strange error message means either.

Terms & Conditions apply, everything on this site is ┬ęTerry Cutting, please ask the bill payer’s permission, any similarities to persons living or dead is purely coincidental, don’t call if you’re watching on-demand, you have the right to remain silent, don’t walk on the grass, do-this and do-that, bloody nanny state – they want to control the number of calories in food now for Christ’s sake – just leave me alone!!