If you really must……..

The basic aim of all this is to provide myself with a venting mechanism whereby I can say whatever I want and avoid 99% of the cobblers you get when posting on Facebook and the like. If I had posted the above sentence on Facebook, sad people would already be posting comments about grammar, punctuation and all that nonsense. I have learned from experience that even a brief, good natured post can attract all manner of fruitcakes and sick individuals. Everyone has the right to an opinion but many simply abuse that privilege constantly.

If you really feel a genuine burning desire to comment on anything herein, why not create your own blog and send me a link to your input using the contact@terrycutting.com address. You are free to also use this address for genuine comments. If you’re a sad little numpty who just wants to complain about the font I’m using or you want to hurl abuse then please follow these instructions to submit your thoughts.

1. Put your text in to a new email.
2. Address the email to the contact address given above.
3. Soak yourself in flammable liquid.
4. Light match.