Forgiveness Has a Limit

Much is being made of Shamima Begum’s attempts to come back to the UK. On the one hand we have people saying that we should show the world how tolerant we are and let her come ‘home’. On the other hand, people are saying that she shouldn’t be let back in.

Normally I am all for the desperate and persecuted to be allowed to settle here if they want to build a new life for themselves and their families in peace. In my opinion, this woman doesn’t fall into either category. She falls into the categories of ‘devious’, ‘selfish’ and possibly even ‘evil’. If there’s a category called ‘Taking the Piss’ then she definitely falls into that as well.

When she happily left home at 15 to join ISIS, she didn’t seem to have much thought for her family and now she says that she needs their support. As a new mother, she would also be looking for help and support from the NHS and our welfare system too. Now, this is what I have a real problem with, aside from her heinous religious views. Despite her citizenship, she has never contributed anything to this country and probably never will. Despite what international law says, she effectively renounced her rights as a UK citizen when she ran off to live and breed with people who want to end our civilisation.

Lots of people work long hard hours in this country and pay their taxes out of piss-poor wages. I doubt they want those taxes wasted on people like her. If this woman is allowed back to the UK, the authorities will no doubt cater to her every whim. She’ll probably get 365 days of 24/7 protection and thousands of costly man hours will be spent monitoring her and her offspring for signs of religious nuttership. If she is treated as a traitor and prosecuted, huge sums will be wasted on the trial and if she does get sent to prison, she will be afforded better care than we offer to people who have paid a lifetime of taxes and now find themselves retired and living in poverty. That simply isn’t acceptable.

Some people are saying “Ah well, she was groomed. She was only 15 and we all make mistakes when we are young.” I partly accept that but most people would consider their mistakes to have been drinking too much beer, getting smacked in the face for being an idiot, lobbing fireworks into some old dear’s garden and wearing flares. To the best of my recollection, when I was 15 I didn’t make the ‘mistake’ of travelling to another country to live with stone age, murderous quasi-religious nutters.

She has now reached the age of 19. I lot of the kids who went out to enjoy a music concert in Manchester one evening won’t reach that age. While they were being killed and maimed, Shamima Begum was sitting by a campfire, laughing and applauding the atrocity. Those aren’t the actions of a groomed innocent, those are the actions of someone who is pure evil.

If the powers that be do let her return, I hope that there will be a welcoming committee on the runway. A committee comprised of the families who have lost loved ones here in the UK from terror attacks. I also hope it contains every father, mother, sister, brother, wife, husband and friend of those lost on active service fighting the very people she chose to live with and support.