Driven To Drink

In the real world, if someone forged their expenses it would probably be deemed as gross misconduct and that person would be sacked. If you’re an MP it seems that you are protected from reality and you just get a fine. Will that fine go on an expenses invoice too I wonder? Are some MPs so impoverished that they have no option but to try and fiddle the system or are they just plain arrogant and greedy? Hmm, tough question.

The thing is that voting such people out of office doesn’t have much effect on them at all and it’s certainly not a punishment for their greed and incompetence. They won’t care, they’ll still be wealthy, their gold-plated pension will still be waiting for them and once they adopt a few phantom positions on the Boards of banks and blue-chip companies, the money will keep rolling in! Fucked it up, voted out – who cares!!

You can apparently also ‘forget’ to declare property investments and other financial interests and receive no comeback whatsoever. Oh to be so wealthy that I simply forget where my money is and what investments I’ve made!! These MPs are SO in touch with the people, aren’t they? The dusty old codgers looking at Parliamentary standards must be unfeasibly gullible, thick or both. 

However, despite all this being sickening to the average Joe, what really grinds my nuts is that nobody in Government is being prosecuted. We have a Government whose policies have led directly to people dying. The DWP declare the suffering as ‘fit for work’ and take away their benefits. Some, who haven’t succumbed to their health problems whilst fighting the system, have reached such depths of despair that they have taken their own lives. Every week there is a report published by someone about the cruelty and poverty being inflicted by the DWP and their masters and yet I see no MPs or Ministers being brought to account. In the real world, manslaughter charges would be slapped on the people in charge. Are MPs and Ministers above the Law?

It seems that the Teflon Tories can make the rules and care nothing about the consequences because they know that they won’t be held responsible. In a few years’ time, they’ll probably get a title and sit in the House of Lords for £300 a day minimum. They will get the taxpayer to pay for a new home so that they can rent out their own for even more income and gorge themselves in their heavily subsidised restaurants whilst quaffing their way through Westminster’s multi-million-pound wine cellar.  It boils my bits to know that in this time of austerity and suffering, the House Of Lords actually has an annual budget for champagne – fucking champagne for Christ’s sake. They will not care one iota for the people lost due to the policies they created. As MPs, they have contributed to the needless deaths of their own citizens and nobody with any clout seems to give a damn. 

If you then add in the breath-taking incompetence display that is Brexit, the financial waste of HS2 (who wants to spend an extra 20 minutes in Birmingham FFS?!), the slashing of local services, the decimation of Police resources, the NHS and more, I just can’t see how anyone with a conscience and more than one brain cell would want to re-elect these knob dollops come election time. They must be as sick in the head as the people they vote for.

The problem we face is that the other parties don’t offer much hope either and some would bring us to ruin. Nigel ‘Frog Face’ Farage is so far to the right that even Oswald Mosley would be thinking ‘Come on Nige, that’s a bit too much’. The Tories aren’t that far behind those cretins and Labour is too far to the left. Comrade Corbyn is to leadership what I am to ballet. Meanwhile, the people in the centre ground can do sod all because voters are full of anger and are drawn to the political extremities. What are we supposed to do when casting a vote is akin to choosing who you want to come and give you a kick in the bollocks? Where is that tick box on the ballot paper that offers  ‘Utterly fed up with all of you. FFS sort yourselves out’?

There was a report published last week which warned that Britain is turning in to a nation of heavy drinkers. Given what we have to put up with and how powerless we are to do anything about it, is this information really a surprise??