I think of all the things to say
But as you smile they melt away
To leave me like a nervous shell
As talking dries to silent hell.

I try to keep the truth inside
But pressure builds and cannot hide
Defensive walls so strong and sound
Burst and crumble to the ground.

My usual act is not for you
Your knowing eyes would run me through
The mask is dropped and armour shed
To show the flaws, the wounds now bled.

I look away and close my eyes
As words emerge without disguise
Released from somewhere deep within
This crucial moment to begin.

Spent and helpless now I wait
For scorn or smile – some sign of fate!
I want to touch but do not dare
Courage chokes in empty air

What action from this silence comes?
Will hearts be crushed or joined as one?
My dreams await your precious voice
To spurn or love is now your choice.