Verse or Worse

Ever since I was a teenager, I have sometimes felt the need to write things down. These days I do this because I can’t remember things from one second to the next. Phone numbers, password, names – all gone from my head in moments. I am one of those people who walks into a room only to forget why I went in there or I go into a room with the intention of doing something, I do something else and leave without doing the original task I had gone in there for. Weird when the toilet is the room in question.

Moments of clarity seem rare these days but it hasn’t always been that way. I used to get the urge to write words, phrases and verses about all sorts of things. They took the form of poems, lyrics, letters – all manner of garbage text. Whatever they were and however depressing, naive, pretentious, poorly written they were, I simply had to get them ‘out of my head’. It’s a strange feeling.

Anyway, this page is for some of those efforts. Just in case there is a diamond in here somewhere and someone like Ed Sheeran wants to use a phrase in a song on his next platinum-selling album – remember that everything on this site is copyright of myself. Some hope!